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Athomas Palmer

Lifestyle Photography in Indianapolis


Louie + Mae + Palmer =Loumar 

My dad (Louie) was a left-brained photographer. My mom (Mae) was a free spirited artist. Their genes and nurturing combined with my God given talents are the how and why I do what I do. As a product of the 1970's, my childhood was fueled with a hyper-active imagination and lots of parental encouragement to explore, to experiment and to embrace growth. If I wasn’t making super 8mm home movies I was building robots out of found objects or drawing my own comic books.

I inherited my dad’s eye for taking great photos and got my first Pentax film camera when I was 14. High school film photography classes introduced me to dark rooms and chemical film processing. My dad ALWAYS had his camera with him to never miss a captured moment. I learned from him that shooting often is the key to creating visually stunning photos.

My mom was the biggest influence for my treading the deep waters of fine art. She taught me to take artistic risks, color outside the lines, and opened my eyes to the endless spectrum of the imagination. Eventually my artwork would develop to a level of being shown and sold in art galleries and circulating art fairs. As an artist my creations have surfaced in private and corporate collections in 45 of the 50 states as well as in 15 countries worldwide.

As a huge movie buff I’m passionate about filmmaking and all that goes into creating imagery that is evocative and awe inspiring for visual storytelling. My goal is to incorporate the perspective of storytelling and add cinematic flare during my photography sessions. With so many interests and diverse expressions of creativity I focused my college degree on graphic design and visual communications. During my studies I added classes in fine art, art history, filmmaking and photography to synthesize all these disciplines into forging my signature style of visual storytelling. I love to laugh and insist that my shoots are infested with humor, spontaneity, and doing things on the fly. It’s been my experience that this type of atmosphere always generates better photos.